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The Price of Simplicity

It can be hard to explain why a really simple UI design should cost more than a complex one. Here’s how I like to look at it:

Good UI does the work for you.

Interacting with a messy UI means working hard to figure it out. I think that it is exactly because you are forced to see more and work harder than is necessary that a complex and messy UI could be perceived as having higher value. Maybe in the same way that 10,000 pennies feels like it’s worth more than 100 bucks. But who wants to walk around with 10,000 pennies?

A good UI not only answers your questions, but it also helps you understand what questions you should be asking. It considers its user before it considers its coders. It makes you feel happy and inspired. A good UI does the work for you.





I lead a fantastic team of WordPress developers building enterprise level WordPress systems. On occasion I have been known to speak at conferences on the topics of Freelancing, WordPress, and the meaning of life, though I tend to spend much of my performance energy on my music. Perhaps one day I will figure out how to merge the two without having to write songs about debugging Javascript.