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The Treasure Trove

Stanford to go

I’ve always been a firm believer of you are what you eat. It is true with food and more so with social environments. The thoughts, ideas and media you consume shape the way you think. I remember listening to Mike Murdock at a business conference share his passion for books. His friends were giving him grief for having paid $140 dollars for a small 80 page book. Through poor genetics and a short attention span, I’ve pretty much forgotten every word he said that day. And yet over the years, I cannot forget this statement:

The author of this book took his time to put all the lessons he has learned in life into 80 pages. All his frustrations and agonies as well as his joys and tribulations. Wisdom comes from two places mistakes and mentors. If I can learn from this book and avoid one mistake, that was money well spent.

Now I have to admit that I didn’t buy his book that day, but the idea behind his statement is a powerful one. What is the wisdom of a man’s life worth? I’ve been obsessed with reading since I was a child and that obsession has grown to encompass listening to speakers. Today, I had the pleasure of listening to Carly Fiorina as she discussed change and the fundamentals of leadership. Then, I switched over to Scott Kriens, exploring the question of trends and market timing. Two amazing business talks for free.

I was meandering on itunes and finally noticed the iTunesU link (I know its been there forever). What a treasure trove! Access to some of the worlds greatest business minds, their personal stories and insights, all for free. I can’t wait to learn more. I’m so excited I just had to share.

My two favorite series so far:
Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (38 Episodes)
Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (53 Episodes)

Personal Note: I apologize for the slow posting rhythm. We are getting close to the beta of our new project, and also happen to be dragging some good friends, a client and part of our team down to El Salvador for an off site annual business meeting and social gathering. We will be gone from Friday though President’s Day and probably won’t post during that time. Have a great time you all – I’ll catch a wave in your name!