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We vs. I

When should we say “we” and when should I say “I”?

Shane and I have often stumbled over the we vs. I issue. Here’s what “I” think:

“We” serves the function of exchanging credibility with the others included in “we”. If I make something and say that “we” made it, I am at once sharing credit with the team (even if I’m the only one working on it) and sharing responsibility. If something goes wrong in my creation, it is our fault, not mine alone. “We” also serves the purpose of inspiring confidence by implying there are many people involved in a given commitment. For example, “we are accepting applications for the open position.”

Using “we” in relationship to one of your personal achievements is a gift to your team and makes you sound humble.

“I” serves the purpose of accepting responsibility. When things that “I” built succeed or fail, that is strictly my responsibility. “I” also serves the purpose of making personal statements. This too can inspire confidence by implying a very personal commitment. For example, “I will make sure it gets done.”

Using “I” in relationship to one of your challenges is an act of selfless responsibility that says you are personally accountable for your actions.

That’s my 2c on I vs. we,





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