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We Won 2 Webby’s !!!

Early this year, we put, studly video distribution team extraordinaire, up as a contender in the broadband category for the 2007 Webby Awards. After a little call out to the community, some funky dreams (can’t figure out why I seem to care so much) and a whole lot of compulsive stats checking, we got the news. is the proud winner of not one, but 2 Webby awards, both the people’s choice award and the jury award. A little UI & design on our part, a whole lot of development, planning & hustling on their part, combined with the dreams of thousands of show producers, actors and a few degenerates, and blip is a true phenomenon.

I have to say that the people’s choice award has some significant meaning to me. It strongly backs up my faith in their positioning in the industry and the power of their community. Michael Dell spoke about the key elements to success in online business some time back in 1999 and attributed it to three factors: content – basically a solid website that people can use ; commerce – having products or services people want; and community – a loyal community that will consistently choose you over your competitors. He then says that the business that figures out how to generate a truly long-term loyal community will dominate their industry. I look at the community blip has built, the talent and passion they bring to the table, and I see great things. We couldn’t be prouder to have S&P be a key part of their team!

Webby Award - PeopleWebby Award - Jury Award 2007