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In the hullaballo of product launches, new project betas, and babies everywhere, we forgot to mention that one of our favorite projects from 2011 was honored with a webby award win this past month.

Indiewire is the finest source for independent film news on the web. We helped them through a complete rebrand and redesign of their blog network. We worked on the project with our good friends at Independent Content Co. I had an amazing design team with Brad Fitzgerald of Apt Design, Amy Stein, and Amy Richard of Be Better Studios.

We are lucky to have clients that are leaders in their field and trust us to do our thing.




I'm an art director hailing from the great northern state of Minnesota. After a decade in the industry, I'm only interested in projects where we get to add real value. I believe in making grids, breaking grids, clean code, good type, 70's motorcycles, and Raymond Chandler novels.