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Where’s the Freedom in Freelancing?

Sleep working

Wow. I’m hosed!

I spent the last 6 days phonecall-coding-QAing-designing-fatigueing. I probably gained a few pounds. Think i may have lost some eye sight. Definitely got some gray hairs. After a week like that, I’m sitting here trying to remember why I wanted to work independently in the first place.

Well, let’s see.

  1. Location. Location. Location. I did a lot of the work over the last few days from my favorite places on earth: coffee shops and bed
  2. Security: I feel safe when I control my opportunity flow. I especially feel secure working with Shane because in spite of his leaps and bounds, I know him to be extraordinarily level headed regarding business matters.
  3. Satisfaction: I have an underlying sense of gratification that I am running my show and that I have actually chosen and planned to be this busy right now. How cool is it that my business allows for me to go on a vacation to Germany (although i will be online and sporting an iphone with international calling enabled)
  4. Thrill: Every day is a new adventure. I can’t believe the people and opportunities that we run across on a daily basis. Just the other day, some folks in Santa Cruz held the first Santa Cruz Geek Dinner. I though it was going to be another lame local mixer. WRONG. It was awesome! Literally. I am in awe of the great people that we met and the interactions that are now unfolding.
  5. Growth: I’ve never been challenged so thoroughly, stretched so tightly, and beaten so hard, but honestly, it’s an amazing feeling knowing that you’re growing. Even at 2am.
  6. Community: There is no community like the nomadic freelancers that share my journey with me. Shane, Aaron, Brandon, Eric, Ben, Kelsey the list goes on… (shane, we need a blogroll, don’t we – i have this chilling sensation that all the people that i can possibly imagine fitting in my nomadic freelancer list will be leaving comments about how i excluded them… and i just want to thank my mother for this award, and my second grade teacher, Mrs. Singermeir, and all the little people that made this happen…)

Well I feel better now.

What’s your take? Has the independence liberated you? Or are you confined by your lifestyle?

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