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WordPress for Enterprise: Expert Tips from Pantheon Agency Partners

Expert Tips from Pantheon Agency Partners on the adoption of WordPress within the enterprise market.

In the nearly 20 years since WordPress was first released, the platform has grown to power more than 30% of all websites online today. That’s 30% of all websites. What once began as an approachable blogging platform is now a content hub for enterprise brands, supporting eCommerce, digital signage, event management and more. 

Despite its growth and widespread adoption, WordPress still faces some scrutiny among enterprise brands. Modern Tribe leans on WordPress for many of our enterprise projects, and we’re often responding to questions about its performance, security and scalability—key qualifiers for technology decision-makers and executives across an organization. So we’ve joined three other leading digital agencies to contribute some of our top insights in a new ebook: Faster, Smarter, Safer WordPress for Enterprise, produced by our partner Pantheon, a WebOps platform for open-source websites.

We’re always consulting with clients to help them find the right tool for the job—identifying the best combination of off-the-shelf and custom build. Once we’re able to dispel a few myths and misconceptions, we often find that WordPress, powered by a robust WebOps Platformprovides the flexibility and extensibility that enterprise brands need, allowing them to own their content and their code without creating a hefty amount of overhead. Check out the ebook to learn more about questions you should be asking and what you can expect from WordPress at the enterprise level.