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Our Higher Education Survey

Last year we had the wonderful opportunity to partner with our friends at WPCampus to put together a higher education survey — it was fantastic. We learned a lot about what our friends, clients, and acquaintances are doing with their website properties in higher ed. With 486 educational organizations responding, we learned that there was definitely no question of WordPress being a big player within the education sector. And we even put together these findings in a big ‘ol blog post summary and a fun presentation.

So this year we decided to do it again! We wanted to hear about new things, neat integrations, rad accomplishments, and how WordPress is evolving within higher education. We wanted to hear from new individuals working in higher ed, as well as long-time friends making updates and changes to their web properties.

Building the 2017 survey took many hours as a team, and we’re super excited to see the results. After a collaborative process finalizing the details with our friends at WPCampus, the survey is officially live and we would love to hear from you.

So here’s the deal:

  • All participants will get full access to the complete data set (semi-anonymized).
  • Three randomly selected participants will receive a free ticket to the WPCampus conference on July 14-15. If a winner has already purchased a ticket, the ticket cost will be refunded.

After we’re able to review the submissions, we’ll take the results and publish a series of reports on the state of WordPress in public schools and in higher education. No personal information or institutional names will be released without approval.

We’ll be compiling the results and sharing our findings with you all after the survey closes. Go check it out and help us learn more about how you’re using WordPress for your organization!