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September / October 2021 Announcements

September and October agency updates. Project launches, podcast episodes, and more.

Reflection has been a running theme here the last couple months. Lots of us have been looking back on our accomplishments and using the lessons we’ve learned along the way to inform the future—for our clients and for Modern Tribe itself.

That might sound like all work and no play, but we swear it’s not! Keep reading and you’ll see.

New Podcast Episodes

Better Connected

Have you given Better Connected a listen yet? If not, you’re missing out on some seriously great conversations. 

During each episode of Modern Tribe’s official podcast, uber-knowledgeable team members sit down with Rob, our operations manager and beloved emcee, to discuss all things digital. Two new episodes were released in September, and two more debuted in October. Check ‘em out!

  • podcast-2

    6: What Are Design Systems?

    In our sixth episode, Modern Tribe’s design leadership—Kyle (Creative Director), Sarah (Design Principal), and Matt (Design Principal)—drop by the studio for a discussion around design systems and the role those systems have historically served at the company.

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  • podcast-1

    7: Building the BigCommerce React Starter App

    In our seventh episode, Paul (Product Owner) and Jing (Frontend Engineer) join the podcast to discuss a unique project Modern Tribe recently launched: the BigCommerce React Starter App.

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    8: Agency Rates & Inflation

    In our eighth episode, Mike (Business Development Manager) joins the podcast for a casual convo that offers up a wealth of knowledge about agency sales and provides some transparency into how Modern Tribe bills, the balance between inside and new sales, and the timely matter of inflation.

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    9: How We Built It: IEMI / Inquest

    In our ninth episode, three guests—Ilia (team lead), Sarah (design principal), and Scott (staff engineer)—drop by the show to discuss the recently-launched Institute To End Mass Incarceration and Inquest projects. The episode goes deep into how we built these two companion websites.

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New Case Studies

Institute to End Mass Incarceration & Inquest

The Institute to End Mass Incarceration has such a significant and pressing mission that we felt a big responsibility to get their brand and website just right. Not to mention that this work would directly affect the look and feel of the site for IEMI’s publication, Inquest, which we were also slated to design and develop.

We tend to thrive under pressure, though, and these projects were no exception; everyone involved is really pleased with the way they turned out. For a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together, check out the newly published IEMI and Inquest case studies.

Inside Tribe

New Team Members

We welcomed two new people to our team in September: backend engineers Max and Mykhailo. And in October, we welcomed two more: Igor, a DevOps engineer, and Victor, a frontend engineer.

Happy Tribeversary!

On Oct. 27, our design principal Matt celebrated seven years with Modern Tribe. From designing early marquee projects for the agency to taking residency with The Events Calendar to shepherd a rebrand and significant feature redesigns to rejoining the agency to focus on our internal systems and processes, Matt’s talent and skill are woven throughout our best work. Most importantly, though, he’s handed out a lot of nicknames. Cheers, Matty! Here’s to another seven!

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